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Best Home Nursing Services in Bangalore

Looking for the best home nursing services in Bangalore? Look no further than Bangalore Care Takers! We are a team of professional Doctors and Nurses committed to offering 24*7 care to our patients, providing total Home Nursing Services care.

As one of the Best Home Nursing Service providers in Bangalore, our well-experienced nursing care team provides the best care taking service to every patient. Our verified & experienced Nurses take care of seniors with safe and secure services, including patients with Alzheimer’s, dementia, alcohol intoxication, cancer, and more. We also support assisted living patients and those with dementia, always providing hygienic and well-balanced care.

At Bangalore Care Takers, we understand that family members often struggle to provide medical care to their loved ones, especially when they are not trained to administer it. Our nurses are trained to provide a wide variety of services to help care for the aged and sick, including those facing mobility and strength loss, increased dependence on medication, and psychological and neurological problems such as declining self-confidence, severe depression, and dementia.

We take pride in developing age-specific plans of care based on patient needs, reducing costs, improving health outcomes, and reducing hospital stays. Contact us today to learn more about our best home nursing services in Bangalore and how we can help your loved ones live life to the fullest.

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Registered Nurses: They are trained and certified to provide all nursing care including monitoring vitals, administration of medication in any mode, wound dressing, injections etc along with taking care of personal hygiene of the patient.

Associate Nurse: They are trained in nursing but completely fresher or did six to one year course, these staff can monitor vitals, can administer oral medications, catheter care, passive physiotherapy and personal hygiene of the patients.

Medical Care Takers: Are trained to take care of patient’s personal hygiene, assisting in feeding, changing dress and some passive exercises.
BCT will assist and support the clients in: