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Introducing our service in Pre/ Post-surgery or post-operative care Area

Post-surgery care or post-operative care is the care you receive after a surgical procedure. The type of post-surgery care you need is depends on the type of surgery you undergone already, as well as your health history. We, Bangalore Care Takers have our own Nursing Care Team for Post-surgery care or post-operative care for your loved ones, and they are highly trained in Post-surgery or post-operative care department.

Post-surgery care or post-operative care may last for the duration of your hospital stay and may continue after you’ve been discharged. The care is the most important part of your healthcare. We will inform/ teaches you about your potential side effects and complications of your procedure.

Our skilled nursing services match your individualized needs, reduce stress and provide optimal comfort to ensure pre and post surgery success. In addition to nursing care we provide transportation to and from your surgical center/hospital.

BCT will provide /assist/support for:
  • Prepare the patient to fit for surgery, especially to improve the physical condition with proper medication, food and exercise. Psychological support to accept the reality and co operate with treatment
  • The period after a major operation can often be the most difficult time for a patient and his or her family. Our nurses are trained to care for the patient after an operation and facilitate their healthy recovery. Personal hygiene, wound care, passive and active excursive, medications and rest according to doctor’s order helps the patients to recover fast. Health education will be provided before discharge from BCT. 

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